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No Motion

Welcome to Disco Volante Online


Disco Volante is a music project originally established in London in 1982.

What is Disco Volante ?

Originally performing in the independent club scene in London Disco Volante was a combination of Punk energy and with a frenetic electronic beat. This type music has be given a number of labels synthpop, electropop, minimal electro.

Why "Disco Volante" ? - In fact there were several reasons for the name Disco Volante.

Firstly , songwriter Terry Tanx had been influenced from a young age by the soundtrack albums of the early  Bond films, Dr No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball and You Only live twice. The Yacht in Thunderball had been called Disco Volante. Also at that time the music scene was going through a disco backlash which had begun in the late 70s and early 80s, following the punk music revolution, so using the word Disco in a group name was felt slightly against the grain in a world obsessed with CND and anti Thatcher protests, its ironic that the dance movement of the early 90s would completely reverse this sentiment and make the name slightly passe. And thirdly, a foreign sounding name was felt to be slightly exotic.

In 1983 Disco Volante released a cassette album of original songs entitled "Traction in Rehash"

In 1984 Disco Volante released a single "No Motion" C/W "Click" and "Punishment Tank". The single did not do well commercially and due to a strike in the music press didn't receive any publicity at all.

In 1986, Pinnacle, the distributor went bust, and gave Disco Volante 24 hours to collect their records, otherwise they would be burned.

Disco Volante continued to perform in the UK and in Europe until 1986.

Following this Disco Volante relocated to Ibiza, and was lost in Space for several years.

In 2004 we began to get enquiries about the single which we had released in 1984. After further research it transpired that the record had become something of a cult classic throughout Europe, particularly in Germany and France. It is very difficult to understand how this happened, the record had sold a handful of copies.

Because of its rarity the single can fetch on Ebay around us$50. The highest sale price recorded was £112 in 2006 (GBP).

Disco Volante never ceased as an entity and with some obvious interest in the music intend to produce more.

Producing "No Motion"
The whole Electronic Music landscape has changed since the early 1980s.
When Disco Volante recorded No Motion, the studio engineer was shocked, when arriving at the studio all of the equipment used on the single could be put into a couple of hold alls.
For those interested in the technology the equipment used on the single was:
Roland TB 303 Bassline
Roland TR 606 Drum-matix
Roland MC-202 Sequencer
Roland SH-09 Mono synth.

The single took two days of studio time, although everything was pre programmed before going to the studio.
All but the vocals was done through the mixing desk.
The problem was that the engineer had no experience of this type of music, he was more used to rock bands, there were no dedicated studios for electronic music and Disco Volante had only previously recorded on a TASCAM 4 track portostudio.
Consequently, despite the good intentions of the engineer, the final single version sounded weak and tinny.
Compare it to Blue Monday, and you can imagine the disappointment when the single was finally pressed.

Future Projects
Disco Volante are now working on new projects for release in 2010.
Obviously influenced by 18 years in Ibiza and a whole revolution in Electronic Music.
Disco Volante intend to reclaim their legacy of being pioneers in programmable Electronic Music
For more information please write to terry@discovolanteonline.com


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